First Meeting of Climate Education Activity

Peace and Social Concerns Committee has historically had an activity directed toward climate change, but it went inactive for a while. In 2014, a new attempt has been starting again, but is still in gestation. Over the summer, Anna Barnett saw the upcoming Climate March as an opportunity needing attention and took it on. Along with that, Willamette Quarterly Meeting (WQM) had picked the topic of Climate Change for the fall meeting, and Anna tackled that, too. Anna also encouraged a group of people to attend a class Organizing in the Biocommons, Co- presented by EcoFaith Recovery, the Wilderness Way Community and Leaven. So, Anna has gotten a lot of people involved with climate change – demonstrating that there is a lot of interest.

From the WQM activity, Anna gathered lists of people interested in addressing various climate topics. She has now passed back email info to those groups, allowing them to organize themselves and get started. I believe that sharing information about those groups and their activities on this wiki would be good.

There is still a belief that there should be an education activity to support the curious within the MMM extended community that is based on experiences and feedback to the Education Committee.


  • Debbie and Ed Averill have attended a variety of “Watch Parties” over the previous year. These activities would have a film or presentation for a group. After the presentation, there was always a discussion of the topic, and the discussion was often as interesting as the presentation.
  • Also, in activist groups, subjects will come up where individuals in the group feel a lack of knowledge on some subject at hand, and wish for a way of getting up to speed.

This is intended to compliment the organizing that has already taken place, not replace it.

So, with this belief, we feel that there are many right topics and presentation styles to choose from, and that the wrong answer is not to get started.


Present Motivating Context

Present Possible Plan

Something recurring regularly that people can plan on: A topic presentation either from a speaker resource, or a video.


  • How does this fit Quaker beliefs on Peace, Simplicity, Stewardship, and Social Justice?
  • Learnings
  • How we want to react, such as change education schedule, involve or create action groups, etc.

Present Example Series

Make some sort of decisions about how to turn ideas into program. Recognize that new information could always change plans.



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