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Portland Stories - general

Oregonian 9/2/2014 Port of Portland says Pembina propane terminal brings historic investment /a>
Oregonian 9/2/2014 Pembina Pipeline's Portland propane project faces lower hurdles than other terminals pembina_pipelines_portland_pro.html Rivergate lies in a zone of young, sandy soil saturated with water, as does much of the Columbia River floodplain, said Ian Madin, chief scientist with the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. He said if an earthquake of 6.0 or stronger struck the vicinity, it could cause catastrophic ground movement at Rivergate.
Port of Portland 9/2/2014 Port explores propane export facility
OPB Earthfix 9/2/2014 Port of Portland, Canada’s Pembina Make Plans For Propane Exports To Asia
Pembina’s plan involves shipping up to 37,000 barrels of propane per day from its Edmonton facility to a terminal on the Columbia River in Portland’s Rivergate Industrial District. From there, it would be stored and later loaded onto vessels taking it down the Columbia River and across the Pacific to buyers in China, Korea and Japan.
Pembina website 9/2/2014 Pembina Chooses Portland, Oregon for New West Coast Propane Export Terminal
Oregonian 9/13/2014 Pembina chief provides first details on proposed propane export facility in Portland It would also mean 1.3 mile-long trains full of propane passing through Portland every other day. Up to 30 million gallons would be stored on site.; We would love to see this double in supply, but our high blue sky case would be that it would get to 72,000 barrels a day.; We're currently estimated the exclusion zone would be 650 to 800 feet on either side of the vessel.
Port of Portland 9/2/2014 New Proposed Propane Export Terminal MAP of terminal site

Audubon 9/2/2014 Audubon statement about Port of Portland propane gas terminal “It is critical that the community has a full understanding of this project’s enormous impacts and safety risks, from the time the propane is removed from the ground to when it is used overseas,” said Bob Sallinger, Audubon Society of Portland conservation director.

Portland - zoning code

Portland Mercury 10/15/2014 A Clog in the Pipe, Environmental Rules Snare Plans for Propane Terminal on the Columbia The project, as currently envisioned, runs afoul of the city's zoning code—specifically, the city's rules for safeguarding sensitive wildlife along the Columbia. And unless Portland City Council is willing to slightly tweak those rules, at a hearing as soon as next spring, then the project would be impossible to build. ; Planning and code enforcement officials have been weighing what seems like a fairly clean revision: adding pipes and pipelines to that short list of exemptions. Except that's not as easy as it seems. That kind of change in the zoning code, without limits, could apply to land with similar protections elsewhere in the city, farther up the Columbia and around places like Balch and Johnson Creeks.

Propane Train Explosions

AP 1/8/2014 Train carrying oil derails, catches fire in Canada Of the 17 cars that derailed late Tuesday in New Brunswick province, five contain crude oil and four contain liquefied petroleum gas, officials said. Later Wednesday, the Canadian National Railway said two of the cars carrying liquefied petroleum gas and one car carrying crude oil were on fire.
SeaCoastOnline, Portsmouth NH 4/27/2014 Propane train plan spurs downtown safety concerns State Sen. Martha Fuller Clark believes the proposed increase in the number of trains carrying rail cars filled with propane through the heart of the downtown poses a risk to development along the rail line. "It seems to me that it's a public safety issue for the new developments downtown along the rail, including HarborCorp," Fuller Clark said during an interview Tuesday. ; Mayor Robert Lister said Wednesday that it is a concern to have trains carrying propane "going by any building at all." "I think it's worth a serious conversation to think about public safety," Lister said, noting he has concerns about the speed of the trains and the condition of the tracks.
AP 10/19/2013 Train carrying oil, gas derails west of Edmonton Canadian National spokesman Louis-Antoine Paquin said 13 cars — four carrying petroleum crude oil and nine loaded with liquified petroleum gas — came off the tracks around 1 a.m. local time in the hamlet of Gainford, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) from Edmonton. Three cars began leaking and caught fire.

Propane Spills

Capital New York 10/22/2014 Oil train shipper has propane spill in Albany Same company that operates at Port Westward; Because liquefied propane is hard to clean, Global burned off gas that could not be recovered. The flames from the burning off of the propane were still visible the next morning and were about 8-feet high, according to county officials.

Pembina website 11/5/2014 Pembina Pipeline Corporation Reports Third Quarter 2014 Results

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