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On April 14th, the House Energy and Environment Committee will hear HB 3250, Oregon Climate's Cap and Dividend bill. That's a big deal. Our legislature has never considered a climate bill with so much scientific muscle. In fact, no state legislature has, ever. Now it's time to show our lawmakers that our climate is more than a hobby interest for a few Oregonians on the fringe.

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have...Pack the House on Tuesday, April 14 at 2:30 pm

The outcome of this hearing depends entirely on who shows up.  It could be a tepid review of the facts we've all known for years, or the day that Oregon finally calls out the titans of fossil fuels for what they are: out-of-state free riders expecting everyone else to cover their business expenses.

HB 3250 is the antidote to fossil fuel dependence that would benefit everyone. And April 14th is the day we can actually show our support for Oregonian leadership on climate. 

Sign up here to join the fight for Oregon's clean and prosperous future. 

Get on the BusGet on the Bus

Volunteers and allies are organizing carpools across the state, and we're renting a bus for those of you in the Portland area. RSVP here, we'll get you to the action and back. (Oregon Climate is will cover the bus, but if you're inspired to help us meet the $400 pricetag, donate here.)  

And before we send you all home, let's break some bread in Salem! RSVP here.  

Solidarity is the name of the game, so please remember to wear red, and if you make it to Salem on your own accord, don't forget to pick up a sticker from us! 

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yours on the 14th!Make the Hearing a Success - Stand Up for the Dividend!

The Energy and Environment committee will be hearing HB 3470 and HB 3252 as well as HB 3250. All three bills would hold polluters accountable for climate change. Oregon Climate supports 3250, for several reasons:

  1. HB 3250 meets the goal. It would bring Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions 85% below 1990 levels by 2050, which climatologists tell us is the bare minimum we need to prevent the most catastrophic outcomes of climate change.  

  2. HB 3250 is legally sound. A simple majority in both chambers would be enough to make the Cap and Dividend law--no constitutional amendment necessary.

  3. HB 3250 proves the right thing. We believe Oregon's role in this global crisis is to build the model that inspires federal action. HB 3250 is a revenue neutral proposal: it would prove that the climate crisis need not be solved on the backs of low-income families, and that climate change is no hoax cooked-up to make government bigger.

  4. HB 3250 is built to last. A carbon price will be a lot easier to repeal than it will be to win. Time is too short to win this battle twice, so we need a carbon price that voters will actually like. The dividend will make us all a stakeholder in the future of the planet. Our solution should be like the Alaska Permanent Fund: loathed by polluters, but impossible to repeal.

Make the Call, Write that EmailPower the Movement from Anywhere

You can help lay the groundwork for our success whether or not you can make it to Salem. Every star athlete is backed by a strong support team, and climate champions are no different--they need the support of their communities to win.

Here's what to do:

  1. Find out who represents you here.

  2. Search for their email address and phone number on the Oregon legislative website.

  3. Ask them to support carbon price and dividend legislation, specifically HB 3250.

  4. Write us and let us know how it went! Respond to this email or email

Keep Going

The Energy and Environment committee had 17 bills to choose from. HB 3250 is getting a hearing because of your letters, emails, phone calls and visits to lawmakers.

The road to sensible climate policy is not paved with backroom-deals and insider politics. Only grassroots support for a well-articulated plan can overpower the entrenched special interests blocking the path to our future. 

Thank you for being the engine of our progress.

Dan Golden

Dan Golden
Policy Director

Oregon Climate · PO Box 1588, Medford, OR 97501, United States  

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