The Civil Liberties Defense Center

This is an amazing small support organization that makes civil disobedience much safer for an amazing number of people across the country. It's home is
259 E 5th Ave, Ste 300 A
Eugene, OR 97401
541.687.9180 ph
541.686.2137 fax

The CLDC was spawned from the community of the University of Oregon Law School. They do a large amount of training for activists that wish to engage in civil disobedience, and even if you don't get the training in person, their videos are important tools. We are lucky, indeed, to have them in our community.

To learn more about them, their 10th anniversary video is enlightening.

If you want a 3-day experience in the activism of the Oregon Law School community, consider attending their Public Interest Environmental Law Conference whose 2015 event is coming in March. pielc_announcement_2015.jpg

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