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Submit your comments: Say NO to more oil in Grays Harbor!

Dear Ed,

The Pacific Northwest is on the front lines in the fight against dirty fossil fuel projects. In Washington State, communities and waterways face increased risks from oil accidents and spills every day.

Right now, on the outer coast of Washington, three new proposed terminals to receive and export crude oil in Grays Harbor would increase large vessel traffic in the area by nearly 400 percent. The three projects together would mean 163,000 barrels of oil coming into Grays Harbor every day, and up to 358 tankers carrying oil out of the Harbor every year. 

It’s simple math: more oil trains and oil tankers mean a greater risk of oil spills. Such a disaster would endanger the fishing, shellfish and tourism industries, putting at risk the livelihoods of local residents and tribal communities. And it would mean almost 60 million barrels of oil heading to Grays Harbor and traveling through Northwest communities and waterways from just one project. 

Submit your comments: Say NO to more oil in Grays Harbor!

The proposed storage and export terminals bring serious risks to Washington’s communities, economy and environment. They would bring in some of the dirtiest and most dangerous fossil fuels: Bakken crude oil is highly volatile, and tar sands are incredibly toxic and corrosive, and they sink when spilled. 

What’s more, the train cars being used are old and unsafe -- as many recent oil train accidents have shown. And the project would be near the Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge -- an important habitat for seabirds.

Add your voice to the thousands saying “NO” to these dirty fossil fuel exports. We can do better.

Thousands of people like you have already stepped up and taken action on the first two oil-by-rail proposals in Grays Harbor. Now, the third terminal is being considered. This is your chance to weigh in on what should be part of the evaluation of this proposed oil terminal and express your opposition. 

Stand up with us and act to stop oil terminals, and to protect the vulnerable communities and ecosystems they would endanger.

Submit your comment to fight fossil fuel exports in Grays Harbor.

Marcie Keever and Fred Felleman, 
Oceans and vessels program, 
Friends of the Earth

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