Re: Way to go, Oregon! (Yay, progressive OR) -- Now let's do something for the planet.

Subject: Re: Way to go, Oregon! (Yay, progressive OR) -- Now let's do something for the planet.
From: Ed Averill <>
Date: 07/11/2015 05:05 PM
To: Suzanne Bonamici <>
BCC:, Debbie <>

Ms. Bonamici,

I agree that the Oregon legislature did some very good things, as you noted.  I, too, am proud of our progressive voting mechanisms, and often note them when commenting on other states' struggles with voting rights and processes.  Your whole list is good.

My fears remain in the area of climate change, which has become such a battle in Washington DC, and accrued little accomplishment in Oregon, even though there were good bills available for passage.  Where we are even in fear of trade agreements establishing clear paths for climate damagers.

I know this is a subject you understand better than most, but I want to stress the urgency.

I still believe that the 2-degree rise and 350 ppm CO2 are a good first-cut stopping point.   That means that:
  • We have a CO2 problem already at nearly 410 ppm and rising.
  • The problem is confirmed with year-on-year records during the last decade, plus.
  • Some say we don't have any remaining fossil fuel to safely burn -- because we are past 350ppm, and don't really know how to get back.
  • Even if the budget established for the "Do the Numbers" campaign in 2012 established a legitimate safe burn of 565 gigatons was valid, at current burn rates, that would mean we could hit a brick wall in 10 years.
  • The US share of that 565 is 53 gigatons in 10 years, or about 5.3 gigatons in each year.
  • You already understand that we are pushing at tipping points:
    • Ocean acidification threatening all animals with exoskeletons such as oysters, shrimp and krill.  Krill feeding herring, feeding salmon, feeding larger fish is the major basis of most of our fisheries, and the ocean phytoplankton contribute between 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen we breathe.
    • We are already leaking methane from the arctic, both the permafrost, and the methyl-hydrate on the ocean floor.  The extremely strong climate-warming properties of the methane and the extremely large quantities stored in the arctic could lead to a catastrophic runaway.
  • In spite of our need to quickly reduce use of fossil fuels, we stupidly encourage growth in fossil fuel markets:
    • The Obama Administration intends to allow new deep-ocean oil drilling in U.S. waters.
    • New sources of fracked or tar-sand extracted fuels are wanting to enter markets in the far east and compete against their need to go green, too.  
    • Oregon is being asked with great pressure to facilitate exports.  We are exporting oil, and should stop.  We have so-far escaped exporting coal.  But we have 2 huge LNG export terminals proposed, each of which would export in excess of 16 million tons of CO2 per year. 
    • Portland was asked, and is still getting pressure to host an LPG export terminal with as large a carbon footprint as what the Portland Climate Action Plan attempts to manage -- i.e. it would take the footprint Portland has worked so hard at reducing by 15% and increase it to 200%.
    • Of course there is a list of projects for Washington State, too. 
    • The point is that West Coast (referred to by Sightline Institute as "The Thin Green Line") should be setting an example for saving the planet instead of letting the billionaires destroy our climate credibility and the planet.
So, please, both in congress and in your interactions with Oregonians, look hard for opportunities to push climate efforts in the right direction.  We now have the costs of green energy at the right place, and should be switching as fast as we can go.  Lots of analysts say we could be mostly off of fossil fuels in 2030.   Then we'll have to figure out what trees will reforest the various forests that we think of as great carbon sinks, but are carbon emitters when they are sick from climate change, now.

Thanks for your good work, and hoping you can make progress on this big issue, too.

--Ed Averill

On 07/11/2015 10:01 AM, Suzanne Bonamici wrote:
Bonamici For Congress


This week, the Oregon Legislature wrapped up a historic session that moved Oregon forward on many critical fronts.

In an impressive string of legislative accomplishments, Oregon:

  • Became the first state in the nation with automatic voter registration, known as the new Motor Voter law
  • Enacted universal paid sick time for all workers, becoming the fourth state with such a law
  • Established universal background checks on all gun sales
  • Increased K-12 funding and made universal all-day kindergarten a reality statewide
  • Reclassified most major birth control as over-the-counter medication and required insurers to cover a full 12-month supply
  • Banned “The Box” on job applications that prevented Oregonians who had served their time from getting back on their feet

Congratulations to the Oregon Legislature and Governor Kate Brown on a remarkable legislative session that will make a real difference in the lives of working families!

With appreciation,



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