Sierra Club

Debbie and I started attending anti Coal Export actions shortly after the do-the-numbers tour. There were several organizers that we continually ran into and were drawn to. One of those is Laura Stevens of the Sierra Club. She is one of a group of such organizers that we credit with the successes to date in preventing large coal export terminals in our area. Coal is her topic.

The Sierra Club's earlier work in this part of the country was to eliminate coal-fired plants in Oregon and Washington. They were largely successful in that effort. Plants not already out of service are scheduled for retirement.

Sierra runs programs in “Campaigns”, and sometimes their separation doesn't seem logical to me.

The Beyond Coal campaign has not chosen to be distracted with the other fossil fuel export projects facing us in Oregon and Washington, and they are in the process of targeting greening the grid.

The point, here, is that even though there are few coal plants locally, there is a lot of coal-generated electricity sold in Oregon and Washington. These mostly come from plants in Wyoming and Montana, and various companies (owned by companies, owned by companies, etc.) have ongoing interests in continuing to sell coal-generated electricity here.

So, how to fix that? Sierra is starting an action targeted at causing the Oregon Legislature to set up targets for the Oregon Public Utilities Commission to enforce to cause the grid to get much greener.


The Sierra Club has a long history of protecting the environment. The NOKXL demonstrations under where people were getting arrested in front of the White House is one of the few situations where Sierra Club authorized civil disobedience.

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