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trainsafetyhearing [MMM Climate Education / Activism Wiki]

Department of Ecology Hearing

Department of Ecology Hearing on Oil Trains Bombarded by Dissenting Crowd of 700

Note, this hearing was intended to receive feedback on a proposal that the Washington Department of Ecology wrote in response to Governor Inslee's requests. There are a lot of ways that proposal could have approached this subject. The way it chose to approach it was largely to assume that the state is prevented from interfering in interstate commerce, but that the state can try to plan for a most efficient mitigation plan. However, even there, little mitigation was really proposed.

See the Department of Ecology's website for lots more information:

While the Department of Ecology never seriously considered attempting to bar dangerous shipments, the audience at the hearing clearly considered that a wonderful approach to take. Short of that, the fact that the fossil fuel companies should be forced to change their assumption of not needing to take any responsibility for damages that might be caused, either by slow pollution, or major explosions, or anything in between.

Dan Leahy, a professor at Evergreen College, distributed his response to the proposal at the hearing, and I have reproduced it here, with his permission:

Dan Leahy's “A Study in Misdirection: Inslee's Draft Marine and Rail Oil Transportation Report

Media Coverage

–> Other info from the hearing:

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