Uploaded Videos

Here is an example mp4 file embed and it's syntax:

It is just like a picture, except for the file type (determined by it's extension). The local browser is supposed to show the alternate text as a link to the file as a download, if there is no available player.

Use the “Add images and other files” button above the editor.

In that editor, change the selected directory ( “namespace” ) to videos before selecting the file and uploading it. That will upload it to the “videos” directory.

Then select it's name at the top of the list of available files, and it should create an entry like the following (without the backslashes):

       Left space                                                                       Trailing space  
      /                                                                                /    
   {{ :videos:amazon_deforestation_animation_in_google_earth.mp4|780x480|autoplay,loop }}     
       ___^ _ ==============^=================================== ____^__  ----^-------                                 
           \ "namespace"     \ filename                               \ size   \ optional command to start
                                                                                  playing automatically, and/or loop  

If you want an alternative text for when the browser cannot find a viewer, you can put that in instead of the size. It is supposed to handle both, but doesn't.

They use a space at the leading edge to mean not left, and a space at the right edge to mean not right, so

left space right space meaning
nonoleft edge
Yesno right edge
YesYes center

Video Time-lapse Animation of Amazon Deforestation:

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