Anna provided the following starting organizational info:

Link to WQM fall info page:

Useful questions to discuss now:

  • What are the next steps?
  • What practices could ground and strengthen this work?
  • These could be
  • . traditional Quaker practices,
  • . or other practices from your experience.
  • How could our group ask other Friends to support us?

Useful links:

List of all interest groups from WQM:

  • Forming an Oregon Friends Committee on State Legislation - Rotating convenor, initially John Allcott, Eugene Meeting.
  • Water policy - Steve Schreiner, convenor
  • Trainings on talking to 'unlike minds' and telling our stories - Anna Barnett, convenor
  • Divestment/Oregon Climate Declaration - convenor TBD
  • Resisting fossil fuel shipments (coal, oil, rail, river, direct action and support roles) - convenor TBD
  • Sustainable building codes - convenor TBD
  • Campaigning for coal-free energy grids - convenor TBD

List of emails for these groups at:

With love, Anna

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